A Pop Star Brought A Cobra On Stage...You Can Probably Guess What Happened Next

Admin 10-Apr-2016 12:23:55 Inothernews

She may be a pop singer, but her animal-centric antics were more in line with metal madman Ozzy Osbourne than Ariana Grande. Indonesian singer Irma Bule passed away earlier this month after she was bitten by a cobra on stage...one that she actively danced with while she performed. Apparently, bringing dangerous snakes on stage was a common feature in her shows. She threw them around like a rock star might do to a mic cord, but this time, things went awry. While performing in a village in Karawang, West Java, Bule stepped on the snake's tail, and it, in turn, bit her on the thigh. Despite the venom coursing through her body, Bule went on to sing for 45 more minutes before succumbing to vomiting and seizures. She was rushed to a hospital but, sadly, died later that day.

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