14 Things You Should Avoid Saying While Negotiating For AN IMPROVED Salary & Why

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14 Things You Should Avoid Saying While Negotiating For AN IMPROVED Salary & Why

source link While The Lion King painted a very rosy picture of the circle of life in our minds, adult life made sure that all our dreams and aspirations come crashing down. Working becomes one of the biggest challenges in adult life and if you can't get paid enough for what you do; what's the point, right? When we spoke about the challenges faced by youngsters who are exploited by companies in the form of unpaid internships, there were a lot of people who were quick to point out that even full-time jobs aren't paying well to a lot of individuals. And then we thought, maybe that's because not a lot of people are aware of what to say during negotiating for a better pay. We've compiled a list of a few phrases that you should definitely avoid while negotiating for a pay salary:


1. "I'm happy with this."

click A lot of people blindly say yes to the first offer that is placed on the table. That isn't just stupid on your part, but it also gives out a message that you are gullible and can be coerced into working more for peanuts.

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2. "I'm looking for a raise of X in my salary."

Actos Procesales Que Se Notifican Por Cedula Never be the first one to put out a number in front of your superiors. While you might think that the amount you quote is sufficient, they might have had a better option in their minds. Why would you want to limit the salary-hike?

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