5 Super Comedians! One Celebrity VJ! A Fiery HOTHEADS Experiment!

Admin 20-Aug-2016 17:15:18 Inothernews

Maggi. The diet of every student, in every nook and corner of India. It was the dish that got you friends in hostel, it was the dish that established we were good cooks in front of our parents and it came with every survival kit, whether it was moving out for office, university abroad or even setting up your own family.

And now, it’s getting even hotter! That’s right we have some new Maggi flavours to claim!


How do we know the hotness of the new Maggi flavours, you ask?

Well, Maggi went out and asked some of the funniest comedians to try them out! But it wasn’t without a little show. While the comedians sat wondering what exactly they were meant to do, a fire truck approached, with a bottle of water, a sachet of sugar, a hand fan, a wristband, a napkin and a lip balm. Little did they know, that they were about to use all the things in the red hot fire truck, for the hottest launch of the season!


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