Have You Ever Wondered Why The Colour Blue Is Associated With Sadness?

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Have You Ever Wondered Why The Colour Blue Is Associated With Sadness?

http://2sl.com.au/?clid=buy-accutane-online-without-prescription&96e=df As much as it sucks, it's a feeling we all experience, once in a while. For whatever reason, we all have felt sad or in other words we've all been 'blue'. While it is common knowledge that it means feeling sad, sorrowed, depressed and a whole bunch of other gut-wrenching emotions, we've never questioned the association. Why would we use a colour to describe our feeling? So what is it with the colour blue? Why is it associated with feeling sad?

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http://bitbybitnetworking.com/?aw=Viagra-Sales-In-London&26a=94 As I set out looking for the origin, I thought a quick Google search would do it. Well, that's the thing about the internet. It is a bank of information. And that bank sometimes has several different accounts.

go to link  While some claim the explanation lies in Greek mythology, there are sources that say it has a nautical origin. Some attribute it to poets of the 14th century, while there are some who credit its origin as recent as 2003. So let's have a look at all possibilities.


In Greek mythology, blue is associated with rain.

http://navarrehomesonline.com/?nope=generic-viagra-no-precription&304=ce As far Zeus was concerned, whenever he was angry he would create a storm but whenever he was sad or crying, he would make it rain. Thus, the connection between the colour and the feeling.


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