12 fascinating Reasons Why You Should Date a South Indian Girl

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12 fascinating Reasons Why You Should Date a South Indian Girl

There is something about South Indian girls that is captivating. Is it their simplicity or the grace with which they carry themselves that makes men go weak in the knees? Difficult to say, but one thing is for sure, they are one eye candy. If you have already found your “aiyyo” girl, count your lucky stars, but if you haven’t, here is a little preview of what it is like to date a south siren. Let’s be realistic here, they are nothing extraordinary, but they are not ordinary either. They ALWAYS stand out in the crowd. Taking it beyond fluffy Idlis, Lungi dance and lame Talaiva jokes, we present you a true insight into the belles of the south. Hold on to your heart boys, for this lady is out to steal it. Here are 12 kickass reasons why you should date a South Indian chick.

They Look Sexier in Sari than in Mini Skirts

Girls in short dresses look hot no doubt, but you have to admit that it can NEVER match to a woman draped in sari. And the lush curves of a South Indian girl’s body are made to carry sari like their second skin.


Their Stunning Features Can Beat That of Goddesses

Rekha, Hemamalini, Sridevi, and Vidya Balan, they all hail from south! Do we need say more? They are all gifted in looks department.


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