14 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

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14 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

Euthanasia or good death is a hornets’ nest, which the politicians in most countries don’t like to touch. But, for those who are demanding it, painless and peaceful death should be everybody’s fundamental right. Only when the death is induced by another human being, in most cases a doctor can it be classified as euthanasia. The moment this topic comes up, it starts dwelling on the dicey edges of morality, fundamentalfreedoms and personal choice. Most of these ideas overlapeach other and lead to bigger confusion. While writing about it is easy, a person suffering from endless pain, limited mobility and continuous suffering can understand his situation best. I am not going to pass a verdict yet, I’ll leave it up to you to decide. I am offering you argument for and against the motion. Do tell me what you think!

14. Patients Change Their Mind

When families get support, medical care and support, the patient’smostly change their mind. It has been seen that after the exhausted family was supported, the patientusually changed their mind at the end. Locking for meaning in what is left make more sense than ashortcut.


13. Doctors Feel Cheated

A proposal of Euthanasia is a total disrespect to the medical profession and science. With people booking houses on the Mars, in this millennial age, doctors have a solution forpractically any medical condition. When the end has already been accepted, any new treatment will only bring relief.


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