15 Must Have Kashmiri Dishes You Quite recently Cant Miss

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15 Must Have Kashmiri Dishes You Quite recently Cant Miss

get link Being called ‘Heaven On Earth’ by kings is definitely a true statement when you visit Kashmir. However, the only thing more magnificent than the hills, mountains, and the valley is-yes you’re right-the food. Kashmir happens to be heavenly not only in terms of it’s scenery, but also in it’s wide variety of culinary items. Here is a mouth-watering list of 15 Kashmiri foods that you need to try before you die.


1. Dumaloo

http://anticogiardinosiciliano.it/?dp=Buy-Prescription-Viagra-Online&396=10 One of the most popular festival dishes in Kashmir, Dumaloo is made of boiled and skewed potatoes, along with a rich-tasting spicy red gravy. Though it’s made of small potatoes, the old-school way to go is by cooking with the large ones. After all, Kashmiris don’t believe in keeping things small-scale.
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2. Chaaman (yellow paneer)

Where Can I Buy Priligy In Nigeria Chaaman is a popular dish made during festivals and other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Kashmiris make this dish by making fresh paneer from scratch, frying it, and then mixing it with a turmeric gravy. Tastes absolutely delicious.
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