18 Signs That You Can’t Live Without Samosas

Admin 03-Sep-2014 17:03:01 Inothernews

18 Signs That You Can’t Live Without Samosas

Samosas are the perfect Indian snack for tea time or an insta-party. These delicious masaledaar aloo-stuffed savouries are deep fried till it turns a stunning golden-brown, that makes your heart melt. They are not only hot and crispy, but a straight portal to heaven. They are every Indian's favorite and one make sure to binge on them, every now and then. If you have these symptoms, you definitely have a serious 'samosa' addiction!

The moment it rains, the first thing which comes to your mind is, "Yaar garama-garam samose khaane ka mann kar raha hai!"


All your happy memories of school/college were incomplete without the canteen samosa!


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