You Have Got To See What Rahul Dravid Did For A Cancer-Stricken Fan

Admin 12-Aug-2014 14:45:40 Inothernews

Cricket is hailed as the gentleman's game. And when it comes to being a gentleman, there is no one quite like Rahul Dravid. On a recent discussion on Quora about what Rahul Dravid was like in person, one of the answers settled all doubts. The writer's friend - a lifelong Dravid fan - was terminally ill with blood cancer and one of his last wishes was to speak to the legend. His friends wanted to make it happen and their online endevaour bore fruit when Dravid agreed. Despite his busy schedule, the former Indian cricket captain kept his word. He spoke to his fan via Skype and even apologised for not being able to visit in person. The video chat might have taken up just 15 minutes of his life, but with that Dravid ensured that the fan, who ultimately lost his battle to cancer, went with a smile on his face. One of his lifelong ambitions had been fulfilled.

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