He Traveled For 3 Years Across 60 Countries. And Then He Released This Amazing Video

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On a recent session of Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Walter Chang answered some questions on his epic journey to people who had questions regarding backpacking. This is an excerpt from it - Hey Reddit! My name is Walter Chang. After being overworked and tired with the way my life was going I quit my job and started to travel. What began as a three month plan ended up as a three year trip around the world to 60 countries. I went to South America and trekked through Patagonia. In Zimbabwe, hippos, lions, and elephants roamed through our camping ground. When I got to South Korea, my relatives treated me as one of their own, despite having last seen them 18 years prior. The highs were also met with the lows. I caught food poisoning several times, was robbed of everything in Chile, and nearly died when my car flipped over in the deserts of Namibia. He also shot a lot of footage during his travels, which he then edited to release this awesome video.

Source - Walter Chang

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