10 Indian Superstitions Associated With Shooting Stars

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10 Indian Superstitions Associated With Shooting Stars

Superstitions and India go hand in hand, don’t they? However much educated you are and a true blue practical person, you just can’t stay in peace when you see an owl at night. We’ve actually seen too much of superstitions around us, in movies and everywhere possible to get it out of our minds. However, let’s try and forget them and one by one stop taking them seriously, please. Before that, look into these superstitions which were, and still are, associated with something as scientific as that of shooting stars:

10. That’s no Star, the God’s are peeping

It is believed by some people that the shooting stars are basically gods who are peeping at people on the surface of the Earth. Which is why, it is the best opportunity for us to wish whatever we want. They’ll be most approachable then, won’t they? This is your best chance.


9. Oh Please, Don’t Let That Happen, Ever

A shooting star is also sometimes thought to be a signal of a bad omen. You can wish for it not to happen and that bad omen can be avoided. Hey, doesn’t this look like a complimentary one? We do feel so. Anyway, let’s hope for the best!


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