14. Motivations To Visit Indias Official Apparition Town

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14. Motivations To Visit Indias Official Apparition Town

click Have you ever dreamed of visiting the end of the world? Oh come on, you must have thought of it at least once? Well yeah? We have an amazing idea for all the ardent vagabonds who believe in the quote that ”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. Tamil Nadu has an obscure land for you to visit. It has tales from the time when thousands of people died because of a massive cyclone. It is haunted and no one stays there. You wouldn’t find a soul to talk to after a certain place and it has a story to tell; wanna go? Located at the distance of just 30 km away from Sri Lanka and 23 km from Rameswaram; India’s not so known ghost town Dhanushkodi dwells at the Eastern Coast of Tamil Nadu and the Southern Tip of Rameswaram.


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1. India’s official Ghost Town, Dhanushkodi is the last point of Indian peninsula towards Sri Lanka

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