What Are The Good Things That Happened In 2015? Here’s A Quick Recap Video.

Admin 30-Dec-2015 14:05:03 Inothernews

Another year comes to an end. I know 2 days are still left. Calm down, I was just trying to be sentimental. But anyhow, now that only 2 days are left for the new year, it’s time for some retrospection. And not just for yourself, but for India as well. East India Comedy in their last video for this year have ‘outraged’ about all the good things that happened in 2015 and given us some food for thought – will 2016 live up to be better than 2015? Will 2016, bring better changes in the lives of all mankind? Will we finally figure time travel in the new year? Will India become better, more educated and cleaner than what it was in 2015?

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