10 Inside Exercises To remain In shape As well as Overcome The wintertime Stick out.

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10 Inside Exercises To remain In shape As well as Overcome The wintertime Stick out.

“Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions.” Let’s face it, working out is a LOT of effort! At least for most of us it is. With the sun mostly hiding behind dark clouds, and the cold making us want to stay in bed those extra 10 minutes, finding the motivation to exercise in the winter is even harder than otherwise. Let’s take a look at some of the exercises we can do that’ll keep us on our toes, without actually stepping out into the bitter cold!

1. Plank it out!

If you know what we’re talking about, you’ll probably shudder at the sound of it. It may sound easy but this is one of the most challenging, and that’s why it features first!

Here’s how you do it: Get into the regular push up position, but instead of push ups, hold that position for 30 seconds (to start with, adding 15 seconds everyday). Plank helps strengthen your inner core muscles while also enhancing flexibility as it stretches and expands on certain areas. This is a Polka favourite, and should be yours too! Check out this video for a visual description.

Day one: 30 seconds plank | Day two: 45 seconds | Day three: 60 seconds (and it continues…)


2. Be the Jumping Jack

We have some great shows (Game of Thrones, House of Cards, et cetera) releasing this winter which will make download rates break through ceilings. Here’s how you can keep the blood circulating. Get up every time there’s a slope in the plot, do about 50 jumping jacks, get the blood flowing again, just in time for Ned Stark to be reborn again (just kidding!).

Start with 20 and add 10 every day till you reach 50 jumping jacks a day!


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