15 Places In India You Should Visit Alone

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15 Places In India You Should Visit Alone

Travelling with people is always fun. Be it with friends, family, colleagues or that special someone, half the fun of travelling lies in being with people you like. But travelling solo is an experience in itself. You get to meet new people, enjoy the freedom, overcome your fears and recreate yourself. And most importantly, it is the best way to discover yourself. Here are 15 places in India you must travel alone:

15. Triund

Trekking is generally done in groups but there is something about going on a trek all by yourself. Trekking all by yourself with no one but yourself to motivate you to keep on walking can be quite taxing. But the joy of discovering the spectacular views from the summit will revive your spirits instantly. It is the perfect getaway if you want to spend some time alone in the lap of the Himalayas.


14. Udaipur

Udaipur is an exotic destination for solo travelers. Far from the fast city life, it will offer you a picturesque beauty of India's royal past. Go for a long walk with a camera and re-discover the beauty of Udaipur Hawelis during the day. Enjoy peaceful-cold nights reading a book and sipping hot tea in the relaxed atmosphere of the city.


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