9 Forms of Daddy That exist Throughout Bollywood.

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9 Forms of Daddy That exist Throughout Bollywood.

Bollywood – as an entertainment industry – is so powerful that it has developed a different state of virtual reality in our mind. I mean every time we have to describe someone’s personality, we relate them with a Bollywood character. The friend who is always found working-out for his muscles and have a dubang personality is known as the Sallu Bhai; that friend’s mother who is always kind and loving to us is often related to Kiran Kher. Similarly, in thinking about all of Dads we have known in our life, we came up with a list of dads that can be found in Bollywood. You might find them multifaceted but they have one or two dominant personality traits in them that define their true character. Here, 9 Kinds of Dad that exist in Bollywood:

1. This hard-ass dad who just want his son to become all that he himself couldn’t – in his life.


2. This All Work No Play business dad who keeps his power and status above his family.


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