These 5 Destinations In Rajasthan Will Make Your Honeymoon A Royal One

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These 5 Destinations In Rajasthan Will Make Your Honeymoon A Royal One

Getting married in no time, but still haven’t decided on the honeymoon destination yet? Well, to start with, let us tell you that honeymoon is one of the best things associated with marriage. Yes, you will go for many, perhaps even better trips later on, but there’s always one honeymoon. So, why don’t you make it large? And, is there any better way to make your honeymoon large than making spending in a royal Rajasthani way? This list charts those places in majestic Rajasthan where you can spend a memorable honeymoon in the most regal way—

5. Pushkar — The Land of Fairs and Fairies

With a grand history steeped in religion, Pushkar is widely regarded as the house of Gods and Goddesses. It is, in fact, one of the five sacred dhams of the Hindus. And, if the Gods and Goddesses can relax royally in that place, surely you’ll have a great time out there too.


Besides, being a desert city located at an altitude of 510m, Pushkar is a treat to those who loves to spend some time in recluse. Watching the sun set amidst the sandy and hilly terrain is indeed a lifetime experience. Besides, if you love colors and traditional affairs, Pushkar, with its world famous fairs, safaris, 52 palaces and 500 odd temples won’t dishearten you at all!


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