This Is What Convicts Of India’s Most Sensational Murder Cases Are Doing Now

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This Is What Convicts Of India’s Most Sensational Murder Cases Are Doing Now

While it's unfair that some criminal cases get more media attention than others, it's still an inescapable fact. Some of the most famous and notorious murderers and rapists, who made waves in the media and became public sensations, have actually completed their jail terms and walk among us today. Time flies by, and the life term in India can, in several cases, mean just 14 years. Public memory may be intensive, but it is also short lived. For example, the Sheena Bora Case has been plastered across every newspaper and news channel since it first broke, but in a few months, nobody's really going to care. It's interesting to note what happened to the accused in these cases after the dust settles. Here's the current status of those accused of the most sensational criminal cases in India.

1. Naina Sahni Tandoor Murder Case (1995)

The accused: Sushil Sharma

Current status: Released on unconditional parole after spending 20 years in prison

Sushil was convicted and awarded life term in 1995. He had stabbed his wife to death and then proceeded to cut her body into pieces. He then disposed of the evidence by burning it in a tandoor. He was recently released on unconditional parole after completing his life term of 20 years.

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2. Jessical Lal Murder Case (1999)

The Accused: Manu Sharma

Current Status: Spends most of his time in Piccadily Hotel, Janakpuri on 'furlough'

Despite blatantly murdering Jessica, destroying evidence, violating the terms of his parole multiple times and generally being an all around douche, Manu Sharma spends most of his time outside of Tihar Jail, thanks to the influence and wealth of his father. He recently even got married in a small ceremony in Chandigarh. The jail authorities have no idea about his whereabouts, claiming he is on indefinite leave, or 'furlough'. A true mockery of the justice system in India.

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