This Gentleman Bringing up 142 Mix-ups In Chennai Express Demonstrates How The Entire Motion picture Was One Major Mix-up

Admin 05-Nov-2014 15:21:21 Inothernews

There is a desi version of Cinema Sins and we had earlier shared their video about the 138 glaring mistakes in Dhoom 3. Now, Bollywood Sins have picked another movie and meted out the same treatment. And it's only fair that they should choose Chennai Express. After all, according to Box Office India, Chennai Express is currently the second-highest grossing Bollywood movie worldwide after - wait for it - Dhoom 3! We don't really need someone to tell us that there is plenty wrong with Chennai Express. Up until Happy New Year released, CE would've won hands down as Shah Rukh Khan's biggest disaster. But did you know that the movie had a whopping 142 flaws? Here, take a look for yourself:

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