25 Ways To Have An Affair With Aloo

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25 Ways To Have An Affair With Aloo

If you think potatoes are mundane, think again. The thing about potatoes is that they selflessly lend themselves to any form you want to craft, and eagerly invite in a number of flavours and ingredients. Whether you keep it simple, or create a complex palette, potatoes are the best way to fill the stomach and fill the heart. Here are 25 ways to drool in love with potatoes. If you want to take the affair forward, you'll find the recipes on the source links.

Potato Wedges

Oven baked or sinfully deep-fried with the skin on, and sprinkled with coarse salt, potato wedges pair well with almost any dip. Its elegance lies in its delectable simplicity.


Hash Brown

They say less is more. Hash Brown potatoes prove the point. The delicate crunch that gives way to a luscious dense interior, is achieved by pan-frying potato pieces after they are julienned.


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