15 Things You’ll Only Do For Your Best Friend

Admin 15-Oct-2014 14:30:53 Inothernews

15 Things You’ll Only Do For Your Best Friend

You are a pretty sorted person with a very specific lists of dos and don'ts. But like everything in life, even this has an exception. That exception is called your 'best friend'. There are certain things that you will never ever even consider doing, until your best friend is part of that equation. Here are 15 things you'll only do for your best friend:

1. You are the most peaceful, non-violent human being on Earth but if anyone lays a hand on your best friend, your boxing gloves will be on immediately.


2. Movies, matches, parties - you won't give up your sleep for anything. But if your best friend calls up to complain about life at 2 in the night, you won't think twice about picking up the call.


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