7 Reasons Why Diwali Was More Fun When We Were Young

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7 Reasons Why Diwali Was More Fun When We Were Young

Life as kids was fun. Or at least everyone likes to think so. We were cute and adorable but we were also manipulative, greedy and needy. What truly defined us was our energy and enthusiasm during festivals. It didn’t matter if it was Eid or Holi or Diwali; we loved every festival equally. Diwali however had a charm of its own. Here are some incredibly true reasons why Diwali was more fun when we were young.

1. Getting excited over the prospect of visiting relatives just so we could get our big fat paycheck called ‘Baksheesh’.

Festivals calls for family gathering and family gathering calls for money in your pocket. And what exactly did we do with that money? Buying foodie delights like Ice Cream, Cold Drinks and virtually all the stupid things our parents forbid us from doing. Carpe Diem Baby!


2. Bursting firecrackers with friends and cousins without our conscious bothering us. Eco-friendly lifestyles? Uh… What?

Firecrackers are as much fun today as they were when we were kids but then...we grew up. Education taught us that firecrackers are loud and they pollute Mother Earth.


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