Boys Don’t Cry? This Video Will Change The Way You Look At Boys And Girls Forever

Admin 22-Oct-2014 15:12:58 Inothernews

We’ve talked about gender policing earlier, and we believe that it’s a topic worth discussing over and over until everyone (specially parents) understands and acknowledges the issue. Gender policing is imposing a specific gender expression on an individual, who’s perceived as not ‘performing’ in accordance to the sex that was assigned to them at birth. In simpler words, expressions like ‘Boys don’t cry’, ‘Girls should play with dolls & kitchen’, ‘Boys should play with cars’, ‘Girls wear pink’, ‘Boys should be tough’ are some prime examples. This 2 minute moving short film titled, “Boys don’t cry”, delivers a very powerful message: Boy’s don’t make others cry Let’s start with the boys. Thanks to Tanushree Samanta for sharing this video with us

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