20 Bengali Sweet Dishes You Have To Try Once In Your Lifetime

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20 Bengali Sweet Dishes You Have To Try Once In Your Lifetime

West Bengal is known for its rich culture. Bengali 'bhadralok' are a sophisticated lot who have always romanced the finer things in life, be it literature or films, music or cuisine. Amongst other things like Tagore and Victoria Memorial, Bongs take immense pride in their large selection of delectable mishti. Sweetmeats not only form an integral part of the amazing Bengali cuisine, but are popular with people of all ages, across the country. When it comes to Bengali sweets, whether you have a sweet tooth or not hardly matters. One look at these enticing babies will melt your heart and your taste buds!

Lobongo Latika

A sweet for any and every occasion, Lobongo Latika is a crowd favourite. Maida, khoya, nutmeg powder, coconut (grated), ghee, nuts, raisins, cardamom, cloves and sugar blend beautifully to bring forth this heavenly traditional sweetmeat. The striking feature is how the pastry is well folded and sealed with a clove.


Mohan Bhog

A favorite with lovers of traditional Bengali sweets, Mohan Bhog is a semolina-based sweet dish. Found in various shapes and sizes, this rich and delicious sugary sweet is a fabulous treat for various occasions!


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