8 Artist Couples In Love

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8 Artist Couples In Love

Artists are considered to be born romantics that listen to their hearts more than their brains. It is no surprise then that most artists have a strong and complex love life. When two artists fall in love you can be sure that sparks will fly in what always seems to be a passionate and flammable relationship. Falling in love can also motivate both artists to make art inspired by their mutual love. Here are 8 such artist couples who fell in love and became each other’s muse.

8. Willem and Elaine de Kooning:

Willem and Elaine de Kooning were both part of the New York School of Abstract expressionism or Action painting. They met in 1938 and fell in love. They got married in 1943 and remained together till Elaine’s death in 1989. Willem de Kooning died in 1997. Together they were the most influential couple in the Abstract art world during their time.


7. Lee Miller and Man Ray:

Lee Miller was a photographer and model who went on to become the lover and muse of another American photographer and surrealist artist Man Ray. She went to Paris with the intention of interning for Man Ray who at first refused as he didn’t take any students but later on fell in love with her and even let her handle his own photography assignments while he worked on his paintings.


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