8 Tips Each Gentleman Follow to Nail A Perfect First Kiss!

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8 Tips Each Gentleman Follow to Nail A Perfect First Kiss!

The first kiss is such an important moment for a boy and a girl. Especially when you’ve told her you are an amazing kisser. Well, boys if you have already been amazing kissers it doesn’t really hurt to know if you are right or not through this article and for those who aren’t the experts here are some tips you can follow and she will never forget her best kiss ever!

1.) It is important for you to READ THE SIGNS.

The most important thing is reading the girl’s mind and her body at the same time. If a girl is really into you and she’s anticipating a kiss she’d insist you drop her home. She would be fidgeting with her keys or her purse. Her palms would be getting sweaty; she would be biting her lips way too much. These small hints indicate something and trying figuring out what she really wants by paying attention.


2.) Give her a heads up, by your expressions or just plain movement.

Now you’re going in for the kiss. The worst type of a kiss is when a man doesn’t even consider how the woman’s feeling and just forces a kiss on her. Some women absolutely hate it. Why do you think we love romantic movies so much? We love it when a guy asks permission not verbally but when he begins descending towards the girl slowly and seeing if she’s backing up.


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