Signs You Are a Jaali Designer and a Glad One

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Signs You Are a Jaali Designer and a Glad One

ENGINEERS, unlike doctors, lawyers and other less fortunate professionals, can manage to survive (and thrive!) even if they can’t make head or tail of the most fundamental subjects. Well, ask any jaali engineer who’s now a consultant, vice president or industry lead at some big confusing company. You’ve just got to know how to make the darn thing (ANY thing) work! Whether you’re in college right now or have graduated already, you’ll almost certainly relate with some if not all of these 17 signs. Take a look!

You think that TECH Fests are held so that you can go on a vacation.

You probably came up with all sorts of ideas on how to make your college tech fest a super hit event.

And when the tech fest was being held, you decided to go on a short vacation.


Lecture hall, lab, workshop, canteen or café – you can take a nap anywhere, anytime.


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