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Why exactly do you need to know hangover cures. Did you drink too much? Are you dreading to have a hangover? At what point during your night can you predict that you’re going to have the worst hangover the very next day. Well, we decided to come up with a solution for you. From homemade remedies to actually scientifically proven methods, check out our list of Top Hangover Cures!

1. Greasy Foods

There’s no food that will help your hangover the next day. However, what you eat before and while drinking may have some impact on how your hangover is the next day. I guess people naturally figured this out as most bar foods are greasy. I say pizza, wings, and bacon are good choices to eat before and while drinking!


2. Crackers

When you have a hangover, your stomach feels like crap. Although there isn’t a magical food that can immediately stop the feeling, crackers or dry toast can help you bring your blood sugar levels back to normal after a wild night of drinking. Your liver is busy metabolizing the alcohol which is why it can’t stabilize your blood sugar which causes the symptoms of a hangover. Crackers or toast will help speed up that process!


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