Apt Status Updates Of Celebs on Whatsapp

Admin 30-Sep-2014 16:21:23 Inothernews

Apt Status Updates Of Celebs on Whatsapp

We do know about the presence of celebs on social media sites, but imagine if they were to keep statuses, what kind of status would they be? Here, we in a funny way try to tell you what their status would be.

1) Karan Johar – ‘Available’

This status would suit him the best, this director is so vella that you will see him in almost every other reality show of every other channel.


2) Salman Khan – ‘I am a Virgin :P’

Next you have every Salman fan saying, dekha bhai ki greatness… Girlfriend Aishwarya ho ya Katrina, bhai humesha virgin rahenge.


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