Footage Of Two Korean Pedestrians Dropping Right into a Sinkhole Around the Tarmac Is often a Apparent Scenario Associated with Not a chance.

Admin 27-Feb-2015 13:45:31 Inothernews

The more I look at crazy stuff online, the more paranoid about this world I get. I've stopped running, driving, swimming, etc. Let's not even talk about bungee jumping or parachutes. And now, thanks to this video of a sinkhole in an urban space in South Korea, I might have to give up walking too. This is what the new report says - Local bus CCTV has caught the moment a sinkhole opened up in a pavement beneath two South Korean pedestrians. Emergency workers rescued the man and woman, who were then taken to a nearby hospital in Seoul with minor injuries. City officials and the Korean Geotechnical Society are looking into the cause of the sinkhole. Check it out.

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