10 Signs Your Partner Has A Phobia With Commitment.

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10 Signs Your Partner Has A Phobia With Commitment.

We all have phobias of something or another. some people have a phobia of heights some of spiders and some of relationships. There are a few clear signs that the person you are dating is a commitment phobic and will at some point chicken out. Lets take a look at some of the traits of a typically commitment phobic person.

1. Is it on Facebook Yet?

One of the things that couples do almost immediately is proclaim on facebook, their love for one another. These days it has become so common that most people don't even bother to get excited about it and it's almost a routine involuntary actions. But, if your partner is a commitment phobe then even this routine action is a big step. Sounds familiar?


2. Does your partner need to re-asses his/her life?

Sometimes you get the excuse that your partner does not know where their life is headed and that they need time and space to figure it out. More importantly they need to be away from you to figure out how you fit into their lives. This is a classic excuse of I'm getting freaked out in this relationship.


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