10 reasons a lady should generally date an Antisocial Man.

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10 reasons a lady should generally date an Antisocial Man.

So, why exactly should a girl date an antisocial guy? He is a lone wolf while she is a social butterfly. He prefers to roam alone while she is the life of all parties. Then what makes these popular girls admire guys who are just the opposite? Ever noticed, how all the hot divas around fall for introverts? There is something so peculiar about these men which makes even the hottest of all girls fall for them with twice acceleration, but what is it exactly? Read to find out.

1.Not another puppy of yours

He just doesn’t give you any attention. But isn’t that how it starts for all popular girls and divas. We don’t want someone who parks our cars or carries our bags around. Cuz if we do, we have hundreds of options available to date. But hello, who is that guy who just doesn’t care? Remember what furiated Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham- “Kaun hai who, jisne dobara pichhe mudhkar mujhe nahi dekha…WHO IS HE?!!”


2. High sex appeal

He doesn’t wear those bright colored T-shirts to attract all the attention around, but worn out kurtas or old shirts instead. He is not bothered about the crease of his clothes or the polish of his shoes and does not even stay clean shaven all the time but we simply love him for this rough and tough effortlessly sexy look.


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