8 Reasons Why Section 377 Is A Pain In The Ass

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8 Reasons Why Section 377 Is A Pain In The Ass

Pfizer Viagra Buy Online In India Last year, the Supreme Court of India held Section 377 of the IPC which criminalizes acts of homosexuality among other things as “constitutional.” This in effect takes away the basic human rights for a large number of Indians. Section 377 is an archaic English law which criminalizes not only gay acts of intercourse but any act which goes against the “order of nature.” It basically means that even in a heterosexual relationship, a man and a woman can’t do something consensually to which the Supreme Court does not agree to. It’s not about just gay rights, it’s about freedom and privacy. Let’s draw a line somewhere. Here is why Section 377 is a giant pain in the ass.

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It says that it is the act of “carnal intercourse” that is penalized.

go So I can kiss my boyfriend, hug my boyfriend and go out on dates with my boy-friend but I can’t make love to my boyfriend because we’re both guys. How is that fair?

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It tries to dictate what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

go to site What happened to that thing called, um…“freedom?” What I, or for that matter, any person does in the privacy of his/her home is their own business. And no one else’s.


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