10 Things You Should Never Tell A Shah Rukh Khan Fan

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10 Things You Should Never Tell A Shah Rukh Khan Fan

With the second half of 2014 touted as potentially Bollywood’s most anticipated, all the big guns are raring to go. And you can’t talk about Bollywood without talking about the Baadshah of Bollywood - Shah Rukh Khan. For all the love and adoration that his fans shower upon SRK, he’s got his fair share of critics too. Sure, you’re entitled to dislike him but just don’t make the mistake of criticising him in front of one of his fans. That’s something you just don’t do. Here are 10 things you should never tell an SRK fan. And the fan reactions you’re very likely to get if you do!

He does the same acting in every single movie. He has no variety.

Swades, Chak De, Darr. Next question please.


He’s a bit too cocky, don’t you think?

If answering the ridiculous questions posed before him in an intelligent and witty manner is called being cocky, then yes SRK is cocky.


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