15 Must Have Kashmiri Dishes You Quite recently Cant Miss

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15 Must Have Kashmiri Dishes You Quite recently Cant Miss

http://bsmkompresor.com.tr/?dep=Cleocin-usa&4bf=e5 Being called ‘Heaven On Earth’ by kings is definitely a true statement when you visit Kashmir. However, the only thing more magnificent than the hills, mountains, and the valley is-yes you’re right-the food. Kashmir happens to be heavenly not only in terms of it’s scenery, but also in it’s wide variety of culinary items. Here is a mouth-watering list of 15 Kashmiri foods that you need to try before you die.

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3. Rogan Josh

see url A real treat to the taste buds! Rogan Josh is a dish that is made during elaborate Kashmiri dinners, or wazwaans, because it smells and looks like royalty. It includes chunks of lamb cooked in aromatic flavours of shallots, garlic, Kashmiri red chillies, and oodles of love.
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4. Tomul chhot (Rice flour rotis)

http://southernnevadaac.com/?eq=refill-viagra-prescription-in-mexico&77a=9d While in the old days, tomul chhot was made as a staple food item eaten during lunch or dinner, today, most Kashmiris eat it as a mid-evening snack, preferably with a drink that is very dear to them – sheer chai.
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