Shit Indians say after and about Elections

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Shit Indians say after and about Elections

The largest democracy in the world also might be having the largest number of individuals that do not support and believe in the country’s prime ideology, mostly comprising of people who have lost faith in the system and thus conclusively set in a certain idiosyncratic disposition of avoiding elections and not voting because Indians have started not to care. This being said Indians are creatures of ingenuity and being an ardent follower of hypocrisy makes them come up with a myriad of brilliant new excuses in attempt to justify their actions, we’ve compiled a few.

Khada Kaun Hua Hai? Pata Hi Nahi Chalta Yaar:

These people don’t have a damn clue about what and who of the political storm that has taken over the area, they sit in their offices and cozy houses sipping on their coffees and oblivious to the plight of their fellow country men.


Election Ho Bhi Gaye? :

These late bloomers have our empathy, the reason they give to over compensate their inability to vote is ignorance, no shit .


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