Virat Kohli Explains How New Beginnings Are Best Welcomed In Ethnic Attire & He Has A Point

Admin 2017-01-28 17:53:44 Inothernews

We Indians have our own way of celebrating the new beginnings in our lives. I mean, remember when you were little, the most obvious way to know something significant was happening was if your mother dressed you in new ethnic clothes? Even if you didn’t like being a human doll, you would stand there and let your mother clean you up, telling you that “wearing new clothes signifies a fresh start.” Your jeans got replaced by a well-ironed pajama, t-shirt by a crisp kurta and there you were celebrating the little joys of life.

Down the years, however, this tradition has somehow faded away. From being overly-excited about something as small as a birthday, to now, when even buying a new car doesn't make us jump with joy, the times have surely changed.

It is during these times that one feels that the old traditions and the small joys associated with them should be brought back and cherished. Don't take my word for it. Let Virat Kohli convince you why wearing something new, something ethnic, for special occasions is a tradition we need to bring back.

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