He Tried To Make Way For An Ambulance But Was Thrashed Instead Of Thanked. And By A Cop, No Less!

Admin 05-Mar-2015 11:30:46 Inothernews

A shocking incident was caught on camera, in Bengaluru. A video clip, posted by NEWS9, shows a middle-aged ex-serviceman, Nagappa, removing a rope barrier, for an ambulance stuck in traffic. Even as the ambulance drives away, Sub-Inspector Gaganna catches up to Nagappa and thrashes him for removing the rope. According to IBTimes, the ambulance was carrying blood units to Navachetan hospital in Yelahanka. It is shameful that Nagappa's compassion was met with such irrational brutality. Following outrage on social media, the police officer has been suspended. An enquiry into the matter has also been ordered.

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