5 Debatable Creations Stated To get Recently been Produced by Indians.

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5 Debatable Creations Stated To get Recently been Produced by Indians.

India has always been prepossessing in terms of what it produces. Apart from the spellbinding culture and natural beauties filled with awe, India has meritorious Indians who gave birth to notable discoveries and inventions in the past. Sadly, these contrivances have been trapped with controversies as to who coined them. Amid the evolution we have these mind blowing inventions and discoveries that were made by Indians, but went through a lot of challenges to get the name of its mastermind sorted.

1. Radio and its science

You think it is the Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi? Well no, it isDr. Jagadish Chandra Bose who is named as father of radio science by IEEE. He also has a crater on the moon named as “Bose” in his honor. Bose demonstrated the use of radio in Calcutta in 1895.


2. E-mail

Entire world has its faith restored in emails when it comes to communication, but can you really believe that this mystifying discovery was made by an Indian? Shiva Ayyadurai claims that at the age of 14 he started developing it and finally copyrighted it in 1982. Later he went on to wining White House competition for developing a system to automatically analyze and sort email messages. He’s now onto his next study of the medicinial systems, which he says are rooted in deep science.


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