The 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions You Need To Embed

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The 10 Useful Google Chrome Extensions You Need To Embed

The Internet is a confusing place. Given the right amount of time and resources, it’ll put you in a nut house broke and insecure. Google’s only made it…slightly different. It’ll do the same thing to you in a smaller amount of time, but more accurately. That’s why everyone loves Chrome, because it’s fast and reliable. But like your phone, Chrome is naked without its extensions. And not all of them are suited for your browser. These are the Chrome extensions everyone must have:

10. TimeStats

Time flies when you’re having fun. Maybe it flies just a little too fast sometimes, right? TimeStats will help you manage that. It helps you keep a track of how much time you’re spending on a particular site and whether you’re doing it at work or at home. Basically, it’s a weapon of mass destruction for parents in particular. But kids can blackmail their parents too. It all comes down to perspective.


9. Panic Button Plus

Watching something you know you shouldn’t be? Scared someone will catch you? Fear not mere dost for the Panic Button Plus is here. Just set your shortcuts and watch as the buttons perform a magic trick on your open tabs. Still not sure? You can also set a password, in case it’s not urgent to close but you don’t want anyone watching what you’re up to. It’s fast, easy and secure.


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